Bullmastiff puppies - Pug and bullmastiff kennel "Hrustalnyi Lotos" (BCU-FCI). Belarus, Minsk


Bullmastiff puppies


We only breed purebred pugs. WE DO NOT HAVE PUPPIES WITHOUT DOCUMENTS! Please DO NOT CONTACT us if you are looking for a "cheaper puppy", "undocumented", "flawed" etc. We invest a lot of effort and money in the health of our dogs, proper nutrition, exhibitions, mating, testing for genetic diseases. We love and respect our pugs, as well as value our work and time.

All our puppies are raised at home and grow up as full members of our family. In their diet, only professional super premium food and high-quality natural food are used.

A puppy is considered reserved ONLY after a deposit has been paid for it! The pledge speaks about the seriousness of your intentions. Remember that until the reserve amount is paid for the puppy, it is not considered reserved and assigned to you - it is open for sale. In case of refusal to purchase a puppy by the buyer, the security deposit is not refundable.

Our kennel DOES NOT sell puppies as a gift without the consent of the future owner, as well as minors without parental consent. The puppy must be a conscious choice!

You must have enough time to communicate with the dog and its upbringing, and the puppy incurs a number of expenses - when purchasing a puppy, you also need to understand this!

Each puppy that leaves our kennel receives:
- pedigree BCU-FCI;
- a veterinary passport;
- tattoo and chip.

We will be happy to answer your questions by phone, messenger, email. mail or social. networks (SEE SECTION "CONTACTS")!


We have no puppies at the moment!